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Deadline 5:31 pm, 29 January期限は1月29日午後5時31分!(日本時間夜11時31分)Kenji's video 後藤健二さんの最新動画 Mother worries son, Islam kids, nuclear power 息子もイスラムの子供も原子力も憂う母の会見、Opinions of person who can cumunicate with ISISと交信している人の意見

The following is the latest message from Kenji Goto!

I’m Kenji Goto Jogo. This is a voice message I’ve been told to send to you. If Sajida al-Rishawi is not ready for exchange for my life at the Turkish border by Thursday sunset, 29th of January, Mosul time, the Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh will be killed immediately.

Zaid Benjamin @zaidbenjamin  ·  3時間前
According to the new video & have until 5:31 pm, 29 January 2015 to swap Al-Rishawi for the Japanese hostage.


後藤さんの2番目の動画:2nd video of Kenji Goto

以下が発言の日本語訳の全文(原文は英文)。The scripts are from the following site.
http://www.huffingtonpost.jp/2015/01/27/kenji-goto_n_6554800.html?ncid=tweetlnkjphpmg00000001 より

The governments of Japan and Jordan should act immediately to rescue lives of their civilians. Please do not let the pilot and Kenji killed.

Mother of Kenji Goto is a very kind person who is offering help to children in Islamic nations under this circumstances without any grudge.

I am Kenji Goto Jogo. To(his wife's name here), the people of Japan, and the Japanese government:
I've been told this is my last message, and I've also been told that the barrier of extracting my freedom is now just the Jordanian government delaying the handover of Sajida.
Tell the Japanese government to put all their political pressure on Jordan.
Time is now running very short. It is me for her. What seems to be so difficult to understand?
She has been a prisoner for a decade, and I've only been a prisoner for a few months.
Her for me.
A straight exchange. Anymore delays by the Jordanian government will mean they're responsible for the death of their pilot, which will then be followed by mine.
I only have 24 hours left to live, and the pilot has even less.
Please don't leave us to die.
Anymore delaying tactics will simply see both of us getting killed.
The ball is now in the Jordanian's court.



I would like to express my deep condolences to the death of Mr. Haruna Yukawa.




Before his final visit to Syria, Mr. Haruna Yukawa said cheerfully to his father,  "Syrian people thanked me for medical supplies I brought.  Maybe I could be useful for them." 

This episode is not reported almost at all in major media.

Are they trying to avoid criticism against Prime Minister Abe for letting Mr. Yukawa killed?  

Do media try to protect the reputation of Prime Minister Abe?

Haruna when he was a baby with his mother

Mr. Haruna Yukawa and his childhood photoes and talk by his father

I am Kenji Goto JOGO

You have seen the photo my friend Haruna slaughtered.

You were warned and you were given the deadline and so my captives acted on their words.

Abe, you killed Haruna, you didnt take their threat of my capters seriously and you didnt act within 72 hours.

Rinko, my beloved wife, I love you, and I miss my two daughters.

Please dont let Abe do the same former case.

Dont give up.  You along with our family, friends, colleagues, independent journalists must cotinue to pressure the government.

Their demand is easier, theya re being fair.

They no longer want money, so  you dont need to fund the terrorist.

They are just demanding the release of imprisoned sister, Sajeda Al Reshawi
彼らが要求しているのは、Sajeda Al Reshawi囚の解放です。

It is simple.

You give them Saudida and I will be released.

At the moment, it actually looks possible. 

Indeed our govt is indeed stone thrown away.

How.  Our govt representatives are in Jordinian regime.

Again I want to stress how easy it is to save my life.

You bring them the sister and I will be released immediately.  Me for her.
Sajeda Al Reshawi女史を連れてきてくれたら、私は解放される。彼女と引き換えに。

Rinko, these could be my last hours in this world, and I may be a dead man speaking.

Dont let these be my last words you ever hear.

Dont let Abe also kill me.

Latest message from a person who can communicate with ISIS was released on the night of Jan 23, Japan time on the youtube of Goto's Mother press conference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2D9VYT8q-A


Strangely, Japanese media is ignoring but the following is the Japanese translation followed by English original sentences.


I put the Japanese translation and original English statement in the URL below as well along with the statement from Reporters Without Boarders.  Please share!

4:48 Jan 25 (Japan time)日本時間1月25日午前4時48分

Dear Japanese people, 親愛なる日本の皆様へ

 Isis has just released a video showing Kinji Goto holding a photo of  Haruna with his head was cut off. Their demands were completely changed . They demand the Japanese diplomats in Jordan   to release their sister "Sajeda Al Reshawi" from the Jordanian prison in order to release Kinji.

ISISは湯川氏の首が切断されている写真を手に持つ後藤健二氏のビデオを公開しました。彼らの要求は全く別のものに変更されました。彼らはヨルダンにいる日本の外交官に対し、Sajeda Al Reshawi女史を後藤健二氏の解放と引き換えに、ヨルダンの刑務所から解放することを求めています。

i am sure that Jordan will accept this condition immediately as a kind of doing a favour  to Japan.


it seems that they killed Haruna because he was a " military adviser to Peshmarga-Kurds Army" as they say.  Peshmerga used chemical gas against the people in Musel in Iraq yesterday  killing hundreds.    this is what Isis says 



Posted on the night of Jan 23, Japan Time

日本国民へ: To People of Japan

Here are some facts that you may don't Know.
first: Isis didn't attack Japan nor it declared war against Japan, but your government did by declaring to pay 200 million to countries fighting Isis.


secondly: your money is killing Muslims children and women in Syria and Iraq.

thirdly: This mom is weeping about her son and she says that he has a new born baby. i would like to tell her that your government's money is killing the new born babies and  sons in Iraq and Syria.

fourth:Kenji Goto went to save his friend who works as a military advisor to Pishmarga "kurds army" who kill children and women in Iraq.

fifth: Kenji Gotoy lied to Isis when they first caught him.

第六に、あなたがたの首相は、最近イスラエルを訪問し、まるでエルサレムがイスラエルの首都であると宣言するかのように、エルサレムのAl Buraqの壁(宗教を象徴する場所)を訪問した。このことそのものが、イスラム国にとって真に酷い行為なのである。
sixth: Your prime minister has visited israel recently and visited  Al Buraq wall in Jerusalem (symbolic religious place)  as if he declares Jerusalem to be a capital of Israel .... this is really horrible disaster in itself  With Isis.


seventh: this japanese mom is now crying and we know how she feels ... but what about millions of moms in Iraq and Syria who lost their children and even their entire families?!! 




Message from the same person to Mari Takenouchi on January 25

i hope that they will be released safely,  Personally, I don't belong to ISIS,  but i know how they think , so I will do my   utmost efforts to write  on their websites  and to convince them not to hurt these two hostages. Your country has played a major role in helping us as people living in The Middle East.. I love Japanese people Now its my duty to do whatever I can . As muslim Sunni, they usually listen to Muslim Sunnis. I really have no connection  with them , but when you write or comment anything, they usually respond quickly . they are extremely active in using internet.


Goto's Mother's Message at Foreign Correspondence Club in Japan

Summarized message from the mother of Kenji Goto starts around 15 min

My name is Jyunko Ishido and the mother of Kenji Goto.

I thank you and apologize for the troubles to people and the goverment of Japan,

Yesterday I talked with Kenji's wife and she said that she delivered Kenji's baby only two weeks ago.


I asked her why he had left so far away.


She answered that he went away by any means to rescue his friend.


We really need to cherish this earth.


God created the earth and why human beings are trying to destroy it.

I don't know hwy human beings use nuclear power contaminating the earth and air.  What are we seeking, I am puzzled.

There were many phone calls from my close people to stop this press conference.

I think their thinkings are wrong.

You all came here in your busiest time and it is quite natural that I accept this chance and I cut off such phone calls.

For the past 3 days, I felt sorrow not knowing what to do.

Since he was a toddler, he was always kind to infant friends.

Therefore, he left his wife who has just delivered a baby.

I felt resentment against Kenji for this.

Even if he cares his friend, he has left a 2 week old baby of his own.  Only parents can protect their baby.  I really could not understand.

I also cannot understand why human beings are destroying this earth by their own hands.  Human beings are studying nuclear power and bombs, and have been destroying the earth which we should cherish.  We are also letting the weak into deep troubles.

If only we couls shift our such energy and resources to protect our future and children.

I am trying to hold back my tears which is caused by the nuclear power.

Nuclear energy messes up water resources and the environment.

War is also no good.

If I could offer my own life and solve these issues, that would be my sincere desire.

Q インドネシアの新聞記者:お母さんからISISへのメッセージは?
Q (from Indonesian reporter): What is your message to ISIS?

A イスラムの方々も私たちと一緒に地球の平和を考えて、平和をつくっていけるのであれば、私の命はどうなっても構いません。私は頭がよくないので、お知恵を頂ければ。
I can gladly offer my life if we could make peace together with Islam people.  I am not that smart, so ideas from you would be welcome.

Kenji is not an enemy to Islam.  He went to Syria hoping that he could release his friend.
I just hope we could make a better world dropping any gludges with Islam states.

I believe people gathering here have the same way of thoughts.

I am willing to offer my life if we could change this situation.

Kenji is a person with strong sense of justice, so if he could be released, he would devote his life for this earth and for children and for the future.

Kenji is not an enemy to Islamic State and he went to Islamic State leaving his own baby.


Japan is the only nation victimized by A-bombs.  Even after that, situation of earth with radiation is horrible.  I wish I could sacrifice my life to improve the situation.  My sacrifice would be just small, but I want the earth to be cherished.

Q Irish Timesの記者より:一番最近、健二さんと連絡したのはいつ?
Q from a reporter from Irish Times: When was the last time you contacted Kenji?  Did Islamic State contact you?

A 健二は親思いな子だったので、行く前には連絡なかった。ひとつは心配をさせたくなかったこと、もうひとつは自分の同朋が捉えられていることで行くことを反対すると思ったのでしょう。でも
Kenji has been a thoughtful child for mother so he didn't contact me before he left.  Probably he didn't want me to worry and maybe he had thought I would have stopped him.  But I am not a kind of mother who would stop him.

I got many phone calls from my acquaintances and relatives to cancel this press conference.  I believe people her have similar thought with me.  I wish happiness of people of the world not the own egoistic happiness.  I refused the suggestion to cancel this conference.

To all the mothers on earth, what kind of feelings do you each have?

No mother want her child she brought up with all her energy to be involved in war.

War is no good.  Please rescue Kenji's life with all your power.

I am not only talking of my own son's well beings.


Not only in Japan, but also in the world, I would like to create a world for the sake of children and future, a world without nuclear power.

I would sacrifice my own life for that.

Q from an Italian reporter:  What is your message to the Japanese government? Would you like more flexible strategies from Japanese government?  For example, last week, Italian government paid the ransom to rescue 2 Italian female hostages.

A はい。生意気かもしれませんが、健二のしたことはつまらないことと言われるかもしれませんが、幼子を置きながら、日本人の方の救出に向かったんです。捨て身で行ったのです。イスラムの方にもお話をすればわかりあえる地球人だと思って行ったのだと思います。
Yes, some may say that what Kenji has done a trifle thing, but he did it leaving his own baby and sacrificing himself.  I think he believed that he would be able to understand with people from Islam.

To people in the Islamic society, I think Japanese people have been amicable to you.

Japan has experienced World War II.  Children cried with peeled skin and surrendered unconditionally.  I believe Japanese people and Islamic people can understand each other.

If only I could offer my life, I would do so.

I would like to do so for the sake of cleaner world, for the future of children, for the peaceful mind of children while nurturing education.



A statement was released by Reporters Without Boarders fowarded to Japanese government.

RWB once covered my story in connection to children left in contaminated areas in Fukushima.

I am really grateful to RWB!


日本政府はイスラム国に拉致された人質の解放をさせよ!RSF:Japanese government urged to obtain release of journalist held by IS 英日仏(ENG / FRA)



ENG : http://en.rsf.org/syria-japanese-government-urged-to-22-01-2015,47532.html

FRA : http://fr.rsf.org/syria-rsf-exhorte-le-gouvernement-22-01-2015,47531.html


Japanese government urged to obtain release of journalist held by IS


Reporters Without Borders calls on the Japanese government to do everything it can to obtain the release of Kenji Goto, a Japanese freelance journalist under threat of imminent execution by the Jihadi militant group Islamic State.


In a video posted online on 20 January, IS demanded 200 million dollars in ransom for the release of Goto and Haruna Yukawa, another Japanese citizen, threatening to kill them if the ransom was not paid in 72 hours.


Less than 24 hours is left before the deadline expires.


Goto left Japan on 22 October with the aim of filming IS fighters in Syria and was captured in November while trying to locate Yukawa. According to the Japanese media, he originally met Yukawa a few months before Yukawa was taken hostage in October.


We take note of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s pledge to do everything possible to obtain the release of the two hostages,” Reporters Without Borders programme director Lucie Morillon said.

「日本の安倍首相が、人質解放に向けてあらゆる手段を講じると宣言したことに注目している。」と国境なき記者団の番組ディレクターであるLucie Morillon は話す。

It is vital that the Japanese government should seek the help of all the ‘strategic’ states in the region and their diplomatic networks. Efforts must be pooled to end Islamic State’s barbaric hostage industry. Following last year’s execution of journalists, we must accept that all options should be envisaged in order to save lives.”


Goto is one of the few freelance journalists to have provided Japanese TV viewers with video footage of the various bloody conflicts under way in the Middle East.


Syria is nowadays the world’s most dangerous country for journalists. In August 2012, Mika Yamamoto, a Japanese reporter for the Japan Press agency, was killed in Aleppo while covering fighting between government forces and rebels in the eastern district of Suleiman Al-Halabi.

昨今のシリアは、ジャーナリストにとって最も危険な国となっている。2012年8月には、日本のJapan Press通信社に属していたジャーナリストの山本美香氏が、Suleiman Al-Halabiの東地域における政府軍と反政府軍の紛争を報道中に、アレッポで殺害されている。



RSF exhorte le gouvernement japonais à tout mettre en oeuvre pour libérer Kenji Goto menacé d’exécution

Deux Japonais, dont un journaliste freelance, sont retenus par l’organisation de l’Etat islamique, qui menace de les tuer à moins que le gouvernement japonais ne verse une rançon de 200 millions de dollars.
A quelques heures de l’ultimatum, Reporters sans frontières appelle les autorités japonaises à tout mettre en oeuvre pour libérer le journaliste Kenji Goto. Retenu en otage avec Haruna Yukawa depuis novembre dernier, le journaliste avait été capturé alors qu’il tentait de retrouver la trace de ce dernier. Dans une vidéo postée le 20 janvier dernier, le groupe Etat islamique réclame au gouvernement japonais une rançon de 200 millions de dollars versée sous 72 heures. Dans le cas contraire, les deux otages seront tués, affirme le groupe radical.
Kenji Goto, journaliste freelance, avait quitté le Japon le 22 octobre dernier pour se rendre en Syrie et filmer les combattants de l’EI. D’après les médias japonais, le journaliste avait rencontré Haruna Yukawa l’année dernière, quelques mois avant que ce dernier ne soit capturé, en octobre.
“Nous avons pris acte des déclarations du Premier ministre japonais Shinzo Abe, qui a affirmé tout mettre en oeuvre pour aboutir à la libération des otages. Mais il est aussi indispensable que le gouvernement s’appuie sur l’ensemble des Etats ‘stratégiques’ de la région et sur leurs réseaux diplomatiques, déclare Lucie Morillon, directrice des programmes de Reporters sans frontières. Les efforts doivent être mutualisés afin d’en finir avec l’industrie sanglante des otages mise en place par l’Etat islamique. L’exécution de journalistes en 2014 doit nous faire prendre conscience que toutes les options doivent être envisagées pour sauver des vies”.
Kenji Goto était l’un des rares reporters indépendants à apporter aux télévisions japonaises des images des conflits sanglants qui se déroulent au Moyen-Orient.
La Syrie est aujourd’hui le pays le plus dangereux pour les journalistes. Le 20 août 2012, la journaliste japonaise Mika Yamamoto, correspondante pour l’agence de presse japonaise Japan Press,avait trouvé la mort alors qu’elle couvrait les affrontements entre l’armée syrienne et les rebelles dans le quartier de Suleiman Al-Halabi à l’est d’Alep


2 US sailors dead after Fukushima radiation exposure 福島被曝後に2人の米兵士が死亡!(CBSニュース)

12月5日更新 Updated on Dec 5,

"Health Damage Lawsuit by US Navy sailors in Ronald Regan"

弁護士の呉東正彦さんとOur Planet TVの白石草さん
Lawyer Masahiko Goto interviewed by Ms. Hajime Shiraisi from Out Planet TV http://ourplanet-tv.org/?q=node/1863



Q:  On October 2014, Southern California Federal Court dismissed the plea by TEPCO in regard to the lawsuit filed by 239 US navy sailors who served for Operation Tomodachi, and a full fledged deliberation is to be started.

Would you please give explanation as a lawyer who has supported the Yokosuka Port issue?


In December 2012, 8 US navy sailors filed a lawsuit against TEPCO at Southern California Federal Local Court.


At that time, the plaintiff insisted that TEPCO hid the accident in collaboration with Japanese government.


Against this, TEPCO refuted that their plea should be dismissed due to the alleged involvement of govenment of Japan, which needs some political decision beyond the judgement of a court.


In November 2013, the first order was handed down through oral proceedings.  The court admitted the dismissal proposal by TEPCO, but suggested the plaintiffs that they can file the suit again with renewed complaint.  So, it was a conditional dismissal.


Since the plaintiff came up with the renewed complaint, the lawsuit was revived.


The second complaint was filed by 80 plaintiffs on February 5, 2014.


They focused on the negligence of TEPCO.


It was in the form of Class Action with 80 plaintiffs representing the lawsuit with the prediction of increasing number of plaintiffs in the future.


They insisted that TEPCO should prepare  a fund of 1 billion dollars first.

Then the plaintiffs whoes damages were admitted shall be paid for the appropriate amount from the fund.  Therefore, there are 2 steps for the plaintiffs.

Q:  That system seems like drug-induced damages lawsuit.


A: That is correct.  They asked for the fund of 1 billion dollars first and then the victims can get the damage fee.  Japan does not have this kind of lawsuit.


Q: In Japan, usually, political decision comes first, but in this case, the lawsuit is underway.


A:  1 billion dollars seem to be a lot, but it is not the case.  Since this fund is demanded in order to all the radiation victims in the future.

Q:  I heard that the number of plaintiffs is increasing..

The second oral proceeding took place on August 25th, 2014 with the third complaint.  At that time, the number of plaintiffs boosted to 223.

The accused this time is including TEPCO, GE, EBASCO (a GE's subsidiary company), Hitachi, and Toshiba.  They included these nuclear manufacturers since negligence on the design is included not only the negligence of the operation.


On October 28, there was another oral proceeding where the plea by TEPCO for dismissal of the lawsuit was not accepted by the court this time.


There are 2 reasons for this.


Since there is no involvement of the Japanese government, the court can come up with their own decision.


Another reason is that TEPCO insisted that the lawsuit should be carried out in Japanese courts, but the plaintiffs insisted that they cannot go to Japan and the issue is related to the state benefit.  The claim by the plaintiffs was accepted by the court.

The full fledged deliberation is to be started in the US.


On November 18, the final version of the third complaint was filed with 239 plaintiffs.  Of those, 2 soldiers already died.

Q:  How were they exposed to radiation and what kind of health hazards did they get?

They all seem to be young.


A: The earthquake took place on March 11.  The unit 1 exploded on 12th.  At that time, Air Craft Career Regan was on the way to Korea, but it was ordered to go for the rescue operation off the coast of Sanriku.


So they went to off the coast of Sanriku on the 13th, when they were directly hit by the radiation plume.  Alarm went off in the ship.


However, under such situation, sailors were forced to work on the deck for 5 hours in rain, wind and snow.  The soldiers also felt something was wrong.


Not only that, a nuclear aircraft career use sea water by desalination.  Only on March 15, they stopped drinking the desalinated water.  So the sailors may have drunk the contaminated water which caused the internal exposure.


Q: So they were exposed to the high initial dose.  How about the protection suit and iodine tablet? Were they provided?

A: Here is a photo where the sailors were decontaminating the deck at the end of March.  They were not wearing protective suits and wore regular uniforms.  They kept being exposed to low dose radiation.


They continued being onboard also.

In the written statement, there were some beds near the outlet of the ventilation system which was quite a hotspot, and one sailor was contained in the hotspot like a canned food.  Later he developed a cancer.


Q: The vast majority of sailors were in their 20s and you said that there were some who even died...

A: 2 soldiers died. 

One died of synovial sarcoma, a kind of cancer.  He was in his 30s and died in April 2014.

The second one died of leukemia in September 2014.


Other than these 2 people, many soldiers in their 20s or 30s have developed unbelievable diseases, such as thyroid cancer, breast cancer, testis cancer, brain tumor, etc.

ガンの人もたくさんいるし、胃腸の不調、全身が動かなくなったり、生殖関係。There are many who are suffering from cancer and also malfunction of gastrointestinal tracts, sudden inmobility of the body, and malfunction of reproduction system...


Q: I also heard that there was a pregnant woman who delivered a baby with multiple gene tumultus.

A: There were many young women sailors and one woman was pregnant.  She delivered her baby in October and her baby had gene tumultus.


Q:  Seems like many people do not have only one symptom but they do have multiple symptoms.


A: Not only their thyroid, but also they develop symptoms in their gastrointestinal system, musles, fever, and etc.  It seems that these are typical radiation exposure symptoms.

Q: Can they keep working for the military anymore?

A: One third of the plaintiffs are still working.  However, after developing such symptoms, many soldiers left their services.  If they leave the military in their 20s, there will be no allowance and their living is quite hard.


Q: Usually these soldiers join the military for earning to go to school and other reasons..

A: Right.  Some complain that they planned to go to school after the service, but they gave up.  Also they have diseases and have worries for the future.


Q: What is the perspective of the future court proceedings?

A:  The deliberation will start from now on.

One focus is on the causal relationship between the accident/Operation Tomodachi and the massive development of diseases.

They have to check the radiation level in those days and the condition.


Another focus is to proove the symptoms caused by radiation.


The good point of US court is jury system.  General public can stand on the side of the victims and think what should be done. 

Q:  At this point, the estimation of individual dose has not been calculated, right?

A: Right.  They are now compiling the medical data from each person's hospital.

Also, they were not wearing dosemeters.


There were some dosimeters, but only the officers had them.  There were iodine tablets but only officers took them and rank& file soldiers did not take them.

Q: That is awful.  The young could not take the iodine tablets...


A: Coming up evidence will be a hard way. They have to pile up facts one by one.

Q: As for Regan Case, there have been communications between Japan and US, and what kind of impact do you expect?


A: There are two aspects.  I myself did not know the reality of the victims.

The soldiers exposure may have been greater than any other part of Japan, because the wind was blowing from land to sea. 


Although they tried to help Japanese people through Operation Tomodachi, they have exposed to radiation massively due to the wind direction.


I think we Japanese need to humbly accept this fact.

However, the US Navy ignored, and Japanese government ignored and so did TEPCO.

Not only TEPCO, both the government of Japan and the US pretend that they have nothing to do with the Case.


We are also victims, but by knowing their damages, we could be united and act together.


Q: In Japan also, there have been various diseases, and many children got thyroid cancer..

However, in case of Japan, it is hard to raise voice.

In this Case, the health damage itself is on focus, and there may be many people in Japan who can cooperate with the US victims through similar symptoms.


A: At first, one woman soldier went to consult a lawyer.  The lawyer visited the base and interviewed many soldiers and then he found such soldier one after another.

After the media's broadcasting, more names were listed.


In this way, lots of consulation were made to the lawyers.


Serious damages seem to be exising widely.


There is a high possibility that there are more victims other than the plaintiffs.


CBS: Now 2 US sailors dead after Fukushima radiation exposure — Doctor: Officials have to re-look at this entire situation — Reporter who served on USS Reagan: “We were done so wrong… Critical health risk to all of us onboard… People are not realizing how serious the issue is” (VIDEO)



Published: November 25th, 2014 at 12:11 pm ET

California State University, Northridge, Nov 12, 2014: Little did [U.S. Navy veteran Kelli Serio, 25] know her service would change the way she viewed the system she vowed her loyalty to… Serio may have been affected by radiation during what she calls her “final and most personally sacrificing deployment” in Japan…

元海軍兵、Kelli Serioさん(25)は、かつて忠誠を誓った軍のシステムに対し、自分の任務遂行によって見方が変わることになろうとは思わなかった。Serioさんは「最後となった最も個人的な犠牲を伴った派遣」となった日本での任務遂行により、放射能に侵されてしまった可能性があると言うのである。

at 18, she enlisted in the U.S. Navy [and] was deployed off Japan’s coast… to assist with the cleanup of the Fukushima nuclear plant. While there, her carrier acted as a floating fuel station… Serio said she’ll never forget the day her captain said their water filtration system had been compromised… “I feel like we were done so wrong,” Serio said. “We were drinking the water.”


Serio said she and the other 70,000 first responders have been dismissed by the government as if nothing happened out there. She wants justice… Serio’s team-like mentality has also led to her modeling with organizations like Pin-Ups for Vets… to help bring up the morale of veterans and current soldiers [and] bring awareness to the men and women who’ve served their country through speaking engagements and visiting patients at veteran hospitals…


[E]arlier this year… she met her friend and mentor, Fox News reporter Hollie McKay [who recommended] Serio for a reporter position at [breitbart.com]… Her first piece for the website was a first-hand account of and a look back at Operation Tomodachi.

今年前半、Serioさんは友人であり彼女のめんたーでもあるFox Newsの記者であるHollie McKayに会った。彼女はSerioさんにBreitbart.comでの記者のポジションを勧めた。彼女がウェブサイトで初めて手掛けたページは、「トモダチ作戦」の実体験と反省であった。

Tahlequah Daily Press, Aug 7, 2014: USS Ronald Reagan… passed through radiation plumes and clouds… the ship and most of those onboard, tested positive for radiation exposure… Serio, now a broadcast journalism major at [CSUN], has recently written a column… on breitbart.com. “I feel as if people are not realizing how serious the issue is, and I would like to shed as much light on it as possible,” said Serio.

Tahlequah Daily Press, 2014年8月7日:USSロナルドレーガン号は放射能プルームと放射能雲の中を通り抜けた。船体もほとんどの乗組員も放射能被曝の検査で陽性が出た。Serioさんは今、カリフォルニア州立大学でTVジャーナリズムを専攻しているが、最近

Breitbart, by Kelli Serio, Jul 23, 2014: I was onboard the USS Ronald Reagan [and went] directly through a radiation cloud. The commanding officer warned us that our water and ventilation systems had been contaminated, posing a critical health risk to all of us onboard. We were advised to refrain from showering or drinking water… Sailors worked tirelessly… while being left vulnerable to dangerous levels of radiation… most of us onboard the ship were tested for radiation exposure and many came back positive, resulting in full-body scrubdowns… [W]e were issued gas masks… myself and other junior sailors were asked to don protective garments in an effort to decontaminate the ship…

Breitbart Kelly Serio、2014年7月23日:私はUSSロナルドレーガン号に乗っていて直接放射能雲の中を通りました。司令官は私たちに、水も空調システムも汚染され、乗船していた私たち皆が深刻な健康リスクにあると警告しました。私たちはシャワーを浴びたり水を飲むのを控えるように言われました。兵士たちは休むことなく働き、その間危険なレベルの放射能に晒されました。乗船していた私たちのほとんどからは放射能が検出され、全身をたわしで洗わなければなりませんでした。 ガスマスクも配布されました。私と若い兵士たちは船を除染するために防護服も着るように言われました。

Proper medical care for the victims of radiation exposure [is needed, it's a] dire situation for many… Many of us are enduring the unfortunate consequences [and] hoping for care from the VA that appears to never arrive… we are reassured of our good health, despite the presence of mysterious and unexplained symptoms… A lack of coverage by the mainstream media has left victims without a voice… We do not want to be forgotten.




CBS San Francisco, Nov 21, 2014: Rare cancers, blindness, birth defects and now, two deaths. Hundreds of U.S. sailors… say they were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation… [Steve] Simmons… began feeling weak and sick with uncontrolled fevers… Soon he was in a wheelchair, unable to walk.

CBS San Francisco, 2014年11月21日:まれにみるガン、失明、先天性異常、そして今は二人の兵士が死亡している。米兵士数百人が危険なレベルの放射能に被曝したと言っている。Steve Simmonsは体力がなくなり、熱ばかり出て体調がすぐれなくなった。しばらくして彼は車いすの状態となり、歩けなくなった。

He says military doctors would never tell him what was wrong. “Every one of them wanted to discredit radiation as a possible cause,” Simmons said… “[There's] evidence that the doses that were assumed to be on board the USS Reagan may have been under-reported,” said Dr. Robert Gould, a former Kaiser pathologist… “Given that there is more information that has come out, I think you would have to re-look at the entire situation,” said Dr. Gould. >> Watch the CBS broadcast here

彼によれば、軍医はなにが悪いのか、決して話してくれないと言う。「すべての医師が、放射能が可能性のある原因だと言う考えを否定したがっているのです。USS re-ganngouniokeru 線量が過小評価されて報告されていると言う証拠はあります」と病理医のRobert Gould医師は言う。




Thyroid Cancer Patient Won Against Nuclear Plant in Korea! 韓国では原発が原因で甲状腺がんという判決が!集団訴訟も開始!一方日本では104人出てても無視!


In Korea, a plaintiff won a victory for his thyroid cancer caused by Kori Nuclear Power Plant!


Meanwhile in Japan, while there are as many as 103 thyroid cancer Fukushima kids and some with even lung metastasis, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE LAWSUIT ON HEALTH HAZARDS IN JAPAN.

以下韓国のニュース (日英)
Below are the story of this important Korean news!
 (Japanese and English)


Nuclear Lawsuit(KBS) 原発訴訟ーKBSニュースhttp://m.hankyung.com/apps/english.view…

A family that lives in the vicinity of the Kori nuclear plant has filed a suit against Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power. The family claims that its members have contracted various diseases including cancer because of the plant.


20-year-old Lee Gyun-do has autism and suffers from developmental problems. His father, Lee Jin-seop, was diagnosed with rectal cancer last year, while his mother underwent a thyroid cancer surgery in February this year.

20歳のLee Gyun-doさんは自閉症と発達障害を患っている。

父親のLee Jin-seopは昨年、直腸がんと診断され、母親は今年の2月甲状腺がんの手術を受けている。

The family has lived in Gijang County in Busan over the past two decades. That’s within a five-kilometer radius from the Kori nuclear power plant.


The family claims that their cancers and autism are a result of the nuclear power plant. They have sued Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, demanding compensation.


Lee Jin-seop (Father): “The CEO of KHNP says it can’t be built in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province because it’s densely populated and could be dangerous. Then what happened to our region?”

Lee Jin-seop (父親)「電力会社KHNPのCEOは、Gyeonggi州は人口密度が高くて危険なので建設できない、と話している。では我々の住む地域はどうだと言うのだ。」

It’s the first legal action in Korea to be taken against the government by residents living in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant.


****Press Release for further actions***************

Collective Lawsuit of thyroid cancer victims surrounding nuclear power plant started


On October 17th 2014, a ruling for a positive causal relationship between thyroid cancer and Kori nuclear power plant was handed down to a resident who has been living within 10km radius of the plant for 20 years.


This was the first domestic case where cancer was admitted to have been caused by a nuclear power plant which emits harmful radioactive materials even without any accident.


Nuclear power plant emits gaseous and liquid radioactive materials on daily basis. 

The gaseous one goes through a filter, but those which cannot be trapped, such as tritium (H3), Argon (Ar), Kripton (Kr), Xenon (Xe), are emitted as they generate into the environment. 

As for liquid one, it is diluted with sea water to below 50Bq/l to be emitted as warm water emission into the sea.


Emission standards of radioactive materials are specified separately, but as for the limited zone, the surrounding areas of nuclear power plants, annual dose is used for controling the emission.

The limited zone is 700 meter radius for light water reactor and 914 meter radius for heavy water reactor.  As for this zone, emission of radioactive material equivalent to 0.75mSv/year of equivalent dose or 0.25mSv/year of effective dose is released.


However, even within the legal standard radiation level, it was confirmed that released radioactive materials from nuclear power plant has increased the incidence of cancer among the residents of the surrounding areas.


According to the report titled, "Epidemiological Studies on Nuclear Power Workers and Residents in Surrounding Areas" by Seol University Medical Research Institute Radiation Effect/Epidemiology Center based on the request of Department of Education, Science and Technology, the cancer incidence is increased as a total within the 5km radius compared to the cohort.  Especially, the women thyroid cancer is significantly increased 2.5 times higher than the cohort.


During the 20 year follow up study, this report gathered the data of 60~70 % of the subjects during the past 10 years, and patients who have had cancer for more than 10 years are excluded, which may have decreased the actual incident rate.  If this number was suplemented, the causal relationship between cancer and the nuclear power plant would be more prominent.


The court judged that the electric company had the legal liability even though the emission of radioactive material is below the legal standard by citing the ruling of a case at the Supreme Court as it comforms to the social justice concept; "If a damage was made on the victim by the release of harmful causal substance released by the perpetrating corporation, the corporation cannot avoid its responsibility unless the corporation can prove that the substance is harmless"


The ruling this time opened the way for residents who have been suffering cancer in the surrounding areas of nuclear power plants.


Here, we are planning to ask for the liability of nuclear plant caused cancer incidences through the collective lawsuit of victims.

Korea, nuclear thyroid cancer residents class action suit in damages
11/27/2014, in Korea, Yonhap News Agency said, near the nuclear power plant of Korea residents out, 223 people in thyroid cancer incidence (geom) to have and said.
Patients who are power companies seeking compensation and filed a complaint.


27, near the nuclear power plant of Korea residents out, 223 people in thyroid cancer are involved; Patients who are power companies seeking compensation and filed a complaint. Article photos
(Record China)
[More photos]
The lawsuit followed suit by the residents of Busan city machine kijang -gun Kori nuclear power plant near; Residents within 10 km 10/23, Busan city eight civic groups exposed to radioactivity Kori, Moon Castle, Han, Korean Ulsan plant was resident for three years, filed a class-action lawsuit.

Court ordered compensation for 15 million won (1600000 yen) in the first instance Korea hydro nuclear power generation co., Ltd., the plaintiff patient spouses and children per capita also each 2 million won (210000 yen), 1 million won (100000 yen) payment seeking. Have appealed this this defendant side.

Choi Su young director of Busan city environmental movement Association "did not happen by residents of many class-action lawsuit. Impact on residents near the nuclear power plant's size exceeds imagination "and said.
 釜山環境運動協会の代表であるChoi Su Young氏は、「今まで大勢の住民を含んだ集団訴訟は起きたことがなかった。原子力発電所の周囲の住民への影響は、想像を超えるものとなっている」と述べた。


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