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Harrassment against journalist Mari Takenouchi is becoming a world news写真は今も嫌がらせが続くセクハラの細見幸市@ohagiya!


Sexual harrasing slanderer!

「ドアホ! 生乳竹野内マリア様やぞ! まだまだ出続けるには吸い続けなあかんねや! 沖縄に行ってこい!」

"You fool! You can suck real milk from sacred Maria Takenouchi! 

You need to keep sucking her nipples to keep the milk coming!

Go to Okinawa right away!" 

Original article is here in Japanese and English 原文は日本語と英語で書かれたここにある記事である

nuclear-news が竹野内の嫌がらせの話を、完璧な英文にして掲載にしてくださいました。どうか、英語が読める人に、一人でも多く拡散をお願いします。これは日本の原子力政策も左右する大事な話だと思っています。


The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry


Lawyer Yabe, Ms. Shimotani and friends target Mari Takenouchi in a disgusting campaign of hate and sexual abuse! With no comment from the ETHOS child killers!


(注:ここでの「子殺しエートス」というセリフは竹野内のものではなく、Nuclear Newsの外国人記者が書いたものです。チェルノブイリの例もあるので、こういう認識が海外でも元々あり、また広がりつつあります。)

ある外国人記者の言葉Foreign repoter's word

Err… some slight editing of this article has been done by Arclight2011 (So sue me Yabe! Grr call yourself a man? you have NO honor! )

Arclight2011がSave Kids Japanの記事を少し修正して載せました。

Some days ago, a Kyoto resident, Mr. Koichi Hosomi who has been continuously harassing Mari Takenouchi sometimes in combination with the lawyer Yabe sent the following tweet.
“Fly to Okinawa (where Takenouchi lives) and go suck Takenouchi’s nipples.”



「ドアホ! 生乳竹野内マリア様やぞ! まだまだ出続けるには吸い続けなあかんねや! 沖縄に行ってこい!」


@ohagiya:【拡散希望】皆様ご協力を! 署名は一人何回しても、メアドさえ変えれば可能ですし、偽名でも事実受け付けられてます。とにかく1万を目指し頑張りましょう! 依頼の弁護士さんもご存知の作戦です!^^  

12 April 2014
2nd consultation to Kyoto Bar Association of Japan京都弁護士会への2度目の相談

Screenshot from 2014-04-14 00:30:58
Image source courtesy of ETHOS :)  ;
I, Mari Takenouchi-is a freelance Japanese journalist. I have been supporting ideas that are designed to save children of Fukushima.  Thus, my main targets have been UN agencies, the Japanese government and the Fukushima ETHOS group. (Though, some people have laughed at me, a single mother for challenging these organisations)..
Accordingly,  lawyer Yoshiro Yabe who has been harassing me on twitter, is not my actual target at all. However, since his harassment has been malicious and continuous, I talked today with the vice president of Kyoto Bar Association, Lawyer Kenji Akiyama. I talked to another lawyer in Kyoto Bar Association, but the situation has not been dealt with by this person at all.
I asked Mr. Akiyama to notify Mr. Yabe regarding the 6 points I informed him of. However, as I spoke, my voice became spontaneously loud with rage. I added my apologies to Mr. Akiyama who had heard my angry tone of voice.
As I write this blog, Mr. Yabe is making an excuse saying that his initial advice on my petition (to be forwarded to prosecutors not to indict me) was actuallyfor the sake of me. This was a blatant lie.
The petition is not legally binding and the format is not specified.  Yet, Mr. Yabe repeatedly tweeted that Mari Takenouchi’s petition is null and void, though I had asked him repeatedly  to stop. That was the beginning of my communication with the lawyer Yabe, and there was much more…
Please read 6 points I offered below..
1) The bar association told me the procedures to apply for the disciplinary dismissal of lawyer Yabe. However, he was slandering me for tweeting this mere fact that the dismissal procedure was given by the lawyer to Mari Takenouchi. He insisted that I was creating my own scenario in which there is a possibility for Lawyer Yabe to be dismissed using disciplinary procedure.
Meanwhile, lawyer Yabe said,
“Disciplinary dismissal is the same as criminal accusation for a lawyer!  I will resort to every means to fight back.”  in a panicked manner.
Yet, he himself has continuously harassed me, a single mother, who is suffering criminal accusations.
His deeds seem to be contrary to ethics and morals, not only as a lawyer, but also as an individual.
2 Lawyer Yabe supports ETHOS leader Ms. Ryoko Ando’s words, who said
“Why don’t we stop this extreme logic: is not life important?”
According to Lawyer Yabe, “We cannot really protect lives through a limited vision.”
I criticised Mr. Yabe,
“By saying limited vision, you imply that we should not consider radiation damages all the time.  But this is strange logic meaning, we should ignore radiation damages on children who are more vulnerable. You have been always threatening me such as you are considering suing me for defamation, but you have been always avoiding the radiation related arguments.”
Then Mr. Yabe responded to me irresponsibly,
“I have read the argument between Professor Hayano from Tokyo University and Mari Takenouchi on twitter, and that was sufficient.”
So on April 10th, I asserted damages of radiation on children (from ETHOS) using scientific arguments.
However, on the midnight of the same day, lawyer Yabe and

Nanaka Shimotani 
, a president of company called, Rafcco Co Ltd, were making fun of Mari Takenouchi, saying;
“She has translated only 3 books related to radiation.  She is insulting experts…and so on.”
Ms. Shimoya further stated;
“Ms. Takenouchi is not qualified as a translator, since her Japanese is horrible.” and;
“She is a fake journalist since she cannot identify who I am “ (I was not interested in Ms. Shimotani until then, so I didn’t check her introduction, until she tweeted that I was incapable of checking it.)
She had been continuously been harassing me for some time even before April 10th.
Finding her insulting tweets, I told her,

“I would report your insulting tweets to the police among others’ tweets”
(I was declaring that I would report malicious tweets against me since this harassment was mounting, especially after the criminal accusation from ETHOS. I might point out that I have been under fierce harassment on the Internet since I raised my voice against ETHOS in the summer of 2012.)
Then early in the morning of April 11, Ms. Shimotani gave me a threatening tweet saying,
“Be prepared with a good lawyer who can fight in a civil case.”  @ Takenouchi.
Takenouchi called up her mother regarding Ms. Shimotani‘s threat to bring me to further legal trial. (I had to do it,  a few weeks ago, when 4 or 5 people harassed me that they were going to sue me collectively and i then consulted my mother who wrote an open letter to these anonymous people.  At this time, Ms. Shimotani‘s identity was known to me). I told Ms. Shimotani that my mother wanted to have some words urgently with her and asked for her contact number, then Ms. Shimotani abruptly blocked me.
I begged Ms. Shimotani to tell me her contact details and I asked Ms. Shimotani what she would do if she keep running away from my excited mother who has been on antilipotropic drugs and might suddenly collapsed or something worse.
Then lawyer Yabe cruelly tweeted me,
“If your mother collapses, it is all your fault.”
Prior to this, Mr. Yabe had said on his tweet,
“The words of Mari Takenouchi’s mother asking what you would do if something happens to my only daughter and grandson, could be defined as a threat.” 
His malicious tweets were aimed at even to my mother, which really enraged me!
3) ,Some days ago, a Kyoto resident, Mr. Koichi Hosomi who has been continuously harassing Mari Takenouchi sometimes in combination with the lawyer Yabe sent the following tweet.
“Fly to Okinawa (where Takenouchi lives) and go suck Takenouchi’s nipples.”
I tweeted that I had been sexual harassed by Mr. Hosomi.
Then, amazingly, anonymous twitter users such as  tsukiko0000, @tmycc, @kafuka69 said,
“Takenouchi is actually the sexual harassing women, who uses the word nipples in public.  She also tried to sexually harass @cowcowboy!”
As a matter of fact, contrarily to the facts @cowcowboya had sexually harassed Takenouchi.  He flew to Okinawa from Osaka when my police investigation was underway.
On his twitter, he said that he come to my neighborhood at least within a 1km radius and implied that he wated to have sex with me. (The tweet is retained here.、 )
Takenouchi said to tsukiko0000  “I will try to identify your name by any means.”
Because she made a such a horrible defamation that I was the sexual harasser instead of @cowcowboya, which was contrary to the facts.  This was a solely unforgivable defamation which should be reported to the police. She then consulted Lawyer Yabe on her tweet and Yabe stood by her side.
Right after that, Lawyer Yabe amazingly asked Takenochi,
“Give me your detailed address!” a few times on twitter.
Please remember, I had been harrassed by multiple number of men and Lawyer Yabe tried to disclose my detailed address on twitter! This is extraordinary behaviour..
4) Besides demanding to disclose my apartment address on twitter, Lawyer Yabe implied of suing me a few times even I consulted Kyoto Bar Association a few weeks ago.
Then, he also tweeted;
“Why didn’t see just overlook what I have been doing.  She does not listen to other anyway.” In this way, lawyer Yabe seems to be sometimes purely amused by giving harassment to Takenouchi.
5) As for the Internet harassment, Takenouchi has been a target since the summer of 2012 by countless number of people.
On top of that, after the criminal accusation at the end of January 2014 by ETHOS leader Ryoko Ando, the degree of harassment was been building up.
Particularly, Mr. Yabe, who has the title of “lawyer“, often conducts collaborative harassment with anonymous people.
As for Lawyer Yabe‘s acts, Takenouchi has already contacted the police in Okinawa a few times, and plans to visit the police office next week with some relevant evidence.
6) Responding to the vice chairman Akiyama’s suggestion to sue lawyer Yabe in a civil court:
Takenouchi has been acting to save children in Fukushima and her main target is the United Nations.  I have no time and money to spend for lawyer Yabe.
Meanwhile, Reporters without Boarders plans to write an article of Takenouchi story on the Foreign Correspondence Club magazine soon and there could be a possibility of holding a press conference, too.
If the situation is necessary, Takenouchi plans to disseminate the ETHOS story including Lawyer Yabe there.


驚愕のネットストーカー矢部善朗弁護士 Amazing Net Stalking Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe 


I asked Mr. Akiyama to let Mr. Yabe notified regarding the 6 points I have raised.


As I spoke, my voice became spontaneously loud with rage...


I added my appologies to Mr. Akiyama who had to hear my angry tone of voices...



As I write this blog, Mr. Yabe is making an excuse saying that his initial advice on my petition (to be forwarded to prosecutors not to indict me) was for the sake of me...

This is a lie.






The petition is not legally binding and the format is not specified.  Yet, Mr. Yabe repeatedly tweeted that Mari Takenouchi's petition is null though I had asked him to stop again and again...that was the beginning of communication with the lawyer Yabe, and it was only the beginning...

Please read my 6 points below..


Japan Bar Association refused to answer my questions 日弁連に矢部善朗弁護士、エートス代表刑事告訴、もんじゅ西村事件について質問するも回答拒否される

原子力村による殺人Homicide by Nuclear Village:
Toshiko Nishimura, the widow of Shigeo Nishimura,
and the lawyer Yuichi Kaido

Lawyer Yuichi Kaido, the former Secretary General of Japan Federation of Bar Associations, who made Monju Nishimura Case as a civil case though Nishimura's medical record shows that he was killed in stead of committing a suicide as the police report said.

@motoken_tw (Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe's twitter account)
@yoshi_yabe (こちらに顔写真があるが、このブログに掲載したら、著作権侵害で裁判に訴えると脅された)
@yoshi_yabe is another one with his photo (but I was threatened to be legally accused if I used his photo which is already in public...)

Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe's tweets persistently slandering others including me after ETHOS leader's criminal accusation.  He is a supporter of ETHOS leader Ms. Ryoko Ando and implies further accusation against me including imposing me to pay considerable amount of compensation fees.


On March 26, I got a swift reply from Japan Federation of Bar Association, only one day after I made my open questions.


As I suspected, JFBA didn't answer my question in their e-mail which is strangely unrepliable setting. The e-mail is below.


Dear Ms. Takenouchi

I read your e-mail.


JFBA cannot express our views on individual issues or individual lawyers' activities.  We would appreciate your understanding. 

見解をお示しすることはいたしかねますので,御理解の程よろしくお願い申し上げ ます。

Japan Federation of Bar Associations

Takenouchi's mail to JFBA


Please excuse me for writing this so suddenly.


My name is Mari Takenouchi, a freelance journalist/translator who has 4 year old boy as a single mother while doing anti-nuke/anti-radiation exposure activities.


At the end of January 2014, I was notified by Fukushima Prefectural police that I was accused for "criminal contempt" by the leader of Fukushima ETHOS, Ms. Ryoko Ando.  In February, 3 policemen flew to Okinawa from Fukushima, and made some investigation at my house and the police station.
English and Japanese


As for this news, Reporters Without Boarders covered the article as an international news on March 11, 2014, three year after the Fukushima accident.
English and Japanese


By the way, I have been harrased and intimidated on the internet by many people before and after the criminal accusation.


I have the following 3 questions both to Japan Federation of Bar Associations and Kyoto Lawyers' Society.  I would be very appreciative if you could reply back to me at by Friday, April 4th, 2014.


Best regards,


Mari Takenouchi, freelance journalist, translator


1: Persistant harrassement by Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe


I have been harrassed by lawyer Yoshiro Yabe @motoken_tw in various ways quite persistently on the internet.  When I collected my petition not to indict me to Fukushima Local Prosecutors' Office, Mr. Yabe insisted the petition was not valid and disseminated his statement a number of times.  Recently, when I put my mother's letter on my blog, he said,

Takenouchi's mother who said, "Can you take responsibility if something happened to my only dauthter and my only grandson? can be regarded as an act of threat

As a matter of fact, Mr. Yabe's remark seems to be the very threat against my mother.


When I said so on my twitter, surprisingly, Mr. Yabe said, "That is a defamation against me.  Why don't we accuse each other one time?"  He is disseminating such threatening tweet against me!!

私に対する名誉毀損だな。一度お互いに告訴し合ってみようか?結果は予想できるけどw RT : 娘と孫を守ろうとする私の80歳の母まで脅迫するモトケンこと京都弁護士会の矢部善朗氏。  English and Japanese


Furthermore, though I have repeatedly asked him not to obstuct me since his deeds have been inflicting tremendous damages for me, he never stopped and continued his harrassement.


On the other hand, Mr. Yabe is an obvious supporter of Ms. Ryoko Ando, who raised controversy by saying, "Why don't we drop the argument saying, "Life is important"?  Mr. Yabe protected her controversial statement in the following. (Japanese only)


As Japan Federation of Bar Associations, and Kyoto Lawyers' Society, what do you think of the attitudes of Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe?


As a single mother who is under criminal accusation, his remarks themselves sound like threats to me.  He has been imposing tremendous mental damages and in case he actually filed a lawsuit against me, my life and my 4 year old boy's life could be devastated.


I would be very appreciative if Japan Federation of Bar Associations and Kyoto Lawyers' Society could give Mr. Yoshiro Yabe some recommendation. 

Please let me know if that is possible or not.


モトケン@motoken_tw 2 時間
. 竹野内氏 の一連の虚偽ツイートは、私の信用を著しく毀損しています。損害額は相当な金額にのぼると思われます。もちろんその責任は全て竹野内氏にあります。と言っておきましょうw 別件が一件ありますので、それをやるときに一緒にやるかも。
PS.  After I put up this blog page, Mr. Yoshiro Yabe tweeted the following, implying that he will take tremendous amount of compensation money from me.
@motoken_tw 2 時間
Takenouchi's tweets is considerably harming my trust.  I think it would be a considerable amount of compensation money from her.  Of course all the responsibility is attributable to her.  I will tell her in advance.  I might do this case (against Takenouchi) along with another case, all together (laugh)


2. Criminal accusation by ETHOS leader against Mari Takenouchi


Many people argue that the criminal accusation by ETHOS leader against Takenouchi should be a precursor of implementation of Specified Secrecy Act, which would embody the oppression of freedom of Speech.  I know Japan Bar Association has been vigorously raising its voice against this Act, and I would be very appreciative if you could provide some comment on this case.


By the way, my twitter remark is not limited to legal issue but also contain humanitarian issue of Fukushima children, whom I wish should be evacuated for protecting thier lives and health. 

I believe the wording "human experiment" should be an appropriate one considering what had happened in Chernobyl, and in order to conduct preventive measures, I believe more people/organization should raise their voice to achieve evacuation of children from contaminated areas. 

Now may I ask Japan Federation of Bar Association what you think about this most urgent issue?  Now there are as many as 75 thyroid cancer kids in Fukushima and some even with lymph nodes metastasis.  As Japan Bar Association, do you have any intetion to act on this issue in the near future?


(Example; Recommendation of conducting gene7q11 test to identify the cause of thyroid cancer and evacuating children from contaminated areas, etc.  English and Japanese)


3. Why didn't Monju Nishimura Case become a criminal lawsuit? 


In 1996, Monju Nishimura Case occured where Mr. Nishimura is known to have been killed based on his medical record and X-ray photoes.  However, Mr. Yuichi Kaido, the former Secretary General of Japan Bar Association, who undertook this case didn't make this case as a "criminal case" instead made it as a "civil case" focusing on small events such as the hidden video tape of the accident and exclusing the crucial point of "homicide". 


I believe this is quite a serious issue for the sake of Mr. Shigeo Nishimura himself and his bereaved family, and also for finding the truth about a crime conducted by so called Japan's nuclear village.

Please let me know JFBA's official view on this grave issue.


As a matter of fact, I heard that in January 2014, when Mr. Yuichi Kaido was asked "Why didn't you make this case as a criminal lawsuite?"from one of the audience, his smile vanished and  looked downward not answering, and then the time was up.)


The following is the information I collected from Ms. Toshiko Nishimura, the wife of Shigeo Nishimura.
(Japanese and English)



下谷七香ラフコ社長が竹野内を民事訴訟に!A company CEO tries to file a civil case against Takenouchi


下谷七香     ‏@rafcocc   「訴訟だるま」って呼んであげればいいんじゃない?(*´∇`*)
Ms. Nanaka Shimotani's tweet
"Why don't we call her (Takenouchi) a ball of flames as for lawsuit target?(*´∇`*)"


Another attack to journalist Mari Takenouchi by a company CEO Ms. Nanaka Shimotani
(The photo is from Google Image.  With this listing of her photo, she is threatening Takenouchi for further civil accusation on top of anothe civil case she was implying.)

Ms. Nanaka Shimotani's tweet which enraged my mother


Let me give you warning to make sure.  I am not as sweet as . Be prepared and find a good lawyer for a civil case(*´∇`*)"



A company CEO, Ms. Nanaka Shimotani  

Against Shimotani's above word, my 81 year old mother is furious and asked her repeatedly to tell Shimoya's contact since she refuses to receive a phone call at her company.

Yet, Shimotani just blocked Takenouchi and still continues harrassing tweets with anonymous people on twitter.


Further, on April 15th, when I tweeted, "I will resist and spread the information at my life at stake to protect my son from those who are trying to further sue me."

Then Ms. Nanaka Shimoya, CEO of Rafco, tweeted, "she doesn't mind losing her life"

I thought this was a threatening word.

End of additional information.


Quite sadly, even after I got criminally accused by the ETHOS leader Ms. Ryoko Ando, further intimidation continues...


(For those who do not know about my criminal case, please see the article by Reporters Without Boarders

One example is deletion of the following video of mine.  Somebody asked the youtube support desk to delete my video for privacy infringement, yet I am quite confused since I collected all the info already in public though many of them are not known much.

Furthermore, there are a group of people on the internet who are now preparing to file a lawsuit againt Takenouchi.


Some of them are supporters of Ms. Ryoko Ando.


I have not told my case to my parent until March 18th evening trying not to make her worry.  But upon hearing this scary plan, I made a phone call to my mother and confessed what had happened to me breaking into tears.


Then my mother (80) got furious and wrote the following letter (recorded and typed by me) to the internet obstructors against me...


Mari Takenouchi, reading her mother's letter in English



From Mother of Mari Takenouchi to @maibaba311、@ohagiya、@Promised_Land、@Chlothilde, etc.

Please excuse me for writing this letter so suddenly.

I am Mari Takenouchi's mother originally from Fukushima.

I am writing this since I really need to have some words with you.


Last night, I received a phone call from my daughter crying, and I could not believe my ears.


I was shocked to hear that my daughter, who has a strong sense of justice more than anybody else I know, and never has done a single unjustifiable thing in her life, is now under criminal accusation! 

My daughter seemed to have been silent on her case so that she would not let me worried.

And now, even more unbelievably, you  (@maibaba311、@ohagiya、@Promised_Land、@Chlothilde, etc.) are now preparing to file a law suit against her, who is under tremendous trouble as a single mother with a small child who is under criminal accisation!


What on earth is going on here!?  As a mother of Mari Takenouchi, I would like to express my strongest resentment.

I asked my daughter to read out some of your tweets against her.

 Mari sometimes use strong words since she has a very strong sense of justice and straightforwardly say what she thinks.

However, she never uses strong words to others unless she finds any letigimate reasons.  She is rather a type of person who hates to speak ill of others behind, or slander other people.

When I hear the entire twitter conversation, it seems that you have started slandering my daughter, and make fun of her who is responding to your words, and further circulating malicious rumors that denies Mari's personality.

Most of you are anonymous, and you are focusing on my daughter with bunch of people...


 As I heard your malicious tweets against my daughter, I felt so much pain myself.


Since most of you are not telling your true names, it is as if a bunch of people are throwing stones at my daughter from distance, though my daughter does not see you at all!

And now you are tying to file a lawsuit against her.

This is just extraordinary.

My spine is shivering with anger.

To begin with, would you please disclose your names and your background first?

Who are you who are disseminating so much malicious rumors against my daughter?

Things can only begin from that point on.
By the way, Mari is our only beloved daughter.


When she was small, she was so sensitive and timid, and we were wondering, "She is so sensitve and easy to get could she overcome her life ahead.."

As she grew older and experienced studying in the US, she became a girl who can speak her mind, but still her sensitivity has not been changed.

She is a type of person who acknowlege things and get concerend before others.  Nuclear power plant issue was a good example. (Mari stared anti-nuke activities in 1999 especially focusing on nuke and earthquake.)

Now she is a single mother with 4 year old boy and she is all byherself in Okinawa.

After she delivered her baby, she was at our house for some time, but at one point, she was quite depressed holding her baby, crying, which made me greatly worried.


However, fortunately, she came to love her baby after she recoverd her health. 

Also she is a hard worker and bought a small apartment in Tokyo for her and her young son, using her saving she had. 

But right after that, 3.11 occured and she decided to sell her apartment to move to Okinawa.


Now she is renting an apartment in Okinawa, and has been doing anti-nuclear activities using her own money she got through selling her small apartment in Tokyo, wishing that she could help children in Fukusima.

In another word, she has been spending her own saving for her activities.

However, some of you are calling her as a "fraud" for her calling for donation.  I was totally appauled and furious. 

Even after March 11 alone, my daughter used 12000 US dollars and she has not gathered that amount even. 

On top of that, she is under criminal accusiton and now you are calling for initiating another legal case!

More than anything, she has been spending millions of yen (tens of thousands of dollars) long time before March 11 out of her savings.

She was working as in-house translator/interpreter for many companies.  But when she thought she should be doing on nuclear issues, she was absorbed in activities which brought her no money, instead spending her money.

I was always worried saying, "Why are you doing all these things which do not benefit you at all and impose you tremendous losses instead?"

I am totally furious to hear that you are calling my daughter as a "fraud"

What kind of purpose do you have by doing such things.


I heard donation was drastically decreased due to your slanders.

And now you are talking about initiating another legal case against her!
I would like to seriously ask you.


Are you trying to kill my only daughter and my grandson by financially squeeze them?

If so, what are your purposes and what kind of people are you?


And are you ready to take any responsibilty if something happened to my daughter and grandson by inflicting so much actual damage and mental damage?


Or are you keeping yourself anonymous so that you can get away with it?


If something happened to my daughter and my grandson, I will never forgive you.

And as a mother, I am responsible to prevent any such misfortune happening to them.


This is true no matter how old the child becomes for a mother.






Things only begin from there.

We are already more than 80 and my husbad, Mari's father went through a big cancer operation and he has two tubes into his body. 

After March 11, his condition got deteriorated, and now he cannot walk and one of his eyes went blind, so I am not telling this case to my husband.

However, I, the 80 year old mother remember all of you very well.

Tell me your names and contacts.


If you want to complain against Mari, complain against me, first through letters.

(As I cannot use a computer, send Mari letters and she will forward them to me.  Mari is a very honest person and will never falsify contents of your letters.)

If I find any bad points of my daughter compared to your deeds, I will scold her in a very tough way.

However, additonal legal case against Mari under this situation means that you are going to destroy my only daughter and my only grandson's lives.
As a mother, I have the right to know who you are and what you are going to do.
竹野内敦子 (福島県出身)
 Atsuko Takenouchi
(originally from Fukushima, mother of Mari Takenouchi)
Mari and her mother playing Koto togetter
My mother and my son in a small apartment I bought in Tokyo in March 2011.  Due to Fukushima accident, I sold it withot staying even for a single night.




Post Script
After I disseminated this page, I am being threatened by a lawyer called, Mr. Yoshiro Yabe, a member of Kyoto Bar Association. 
Mr. Yabe once supported, ETHOS leader Ryoko Ando's remark, "Let's no longer stick to the extreme idea of "life is important""
He is spreading the following tweet through his twitter account,
"Takenouchi mother's letter asking, "can you take a responsibility if something happened to my daughter and grandson" should be considered as a threat.
Her (mother's) remark is the worst kind of statement to avoid further criticism"
In another word, Mr. Yabe is calling my mother as an aggressor using threatning words. 
My mother is just trying to protect her daughter and her grandson under threat of further legal case by those who have been harrasing her daughter.

This is just extraordinary...
I wonder how such kind of person could stay as a lawyer, holding a membership of Kyoto Bar Association.


Amazingly, the harrasing lawyer Yabe Yoshiro, is now intimidating me by implying further accusation against me!!!

モトケン@motoken_tw 16h
私に対する名誉毀損だな。一度お互いに告訴し合ってみようか?結果は予想できるけどw RT : 娘と孫を守ろうとする私の80歳の母まで脅迫するモトケンこと京都弁護士会の矢部善朗氏。
Amazingly, after this tweet, the lawyer Yoshiro Yabe is threatening me by saying the following!!!
This is a defamation against me.  Shall we accuse each other now?  I can see the result quite easily.
→@mariscontact: Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe is threatening my 80 year old mother who tries to protect her daughter and grandson.